JXDSICH –Premium Bamboo Premium Z fold Hand Towel Paper

Rapidly Renewable

Bamboo is grasses, not hardwoods, and it is one of the fastest-growing grasses on earth. An average bamboo plant can grow up

 to 24 inches a day.

In comparison, hardwoods like oak trees take at least forty years until they can be harvested.

Generally, bamboo reaches maturity in an average of 3 years.

Due to bamboo’s deep root system, replanting is not necessary. Once the bamboo is cut, the stem is left and the bamboo 

can grow back in just 3-4 months.


Carbon Dioxide Absorption

Bamboo can be a tool for large-scale carbon storage. Bamboo’s ability to store carbon extends to durable products, which lock 

carbon in for the extent of their lifespan.

Unlike trees that are usually clear cut, the regular and selective harvesting of bamboo doesn’t kill the plant nor damage the 

ecosystem, and below-ground carbon in the soil and rhizome is not emitted as the bamboo forest continues to live after harvest.

It can take decades for a forest to reach a carbon sequestration level of 10,000 pounds/hectare/year. However, bamboo can 

actually absorb more than double the carbon of old-growth rainforests within months of being planted.

The average carbon absorption per hectare/year of certain bamboo species is over 22,000 pounds of carbon.

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JXDSICH –Premium Bamboo Premium Hand Towel Paper,tree free,100% virgin bamboo  ,Bulk carton of 20 packs  (160  sheets per packs) | kraft paper packing, 

1 Ply, 36-45 gsm,sheet size 215*215mm,220*215mm,225*230mm,240*230mm,Plastic-Free, Eco-Friendly, skin friendly ,food contact safety,Super Soft & Sustainable



About this item

1. 100% use sustainably  bamboo fiber, so no deforestation as result of production, the product is a primary color product, zero addition,no bleaching, Tree free!  27,000 trees are cut down every 

single day to produce traditional paper tissue. So, we made each tissue from fast-growing bamboo to reduce deforestation and lessen carbon emission.

2.Skin friendly and Soft  - Our Facial tissues for Sensitive Skin & Sustainable. With less tissue dust than regular tissue papers,  can safely

 clean the mouth, eyes, gums and other parts.they're handy nose tissues, makeup remover wipes, Use them for quick cleanups, 

3.Whole family daily use-These facial tissues bulk are safe for the whole family. bamboo fiber is  not easy to break,with good toughness. just a pure, plant-based formulation that's gentle for all kinds of people 

4.High quality - Each tissue is extremely strong,moisture absorbent and tear resistant. The fibers do not separate or paper scraps on the skin when used,

5.paper Packaging - Unlike other paper towel sheets,  JXDSICH bamboo tissues are stored in plastic-free 

recyclable kraft paper cube boxes.

6.Vegan and Cruelty-Free - We make our natural sustainable products based on the standards set by the Vegan Society. 

None of our ingredients and formulations were tried on animals anywhere in the world.微信图片_202306261605293.png微信图片_202306261605272.png微信图片_202306261605284.png

Why is Bamboo Sustainable? Basic Introduction:

Speaking of paper materials, trees are always the first that comes to our minds.

Trees are powerful at withdrawing carbon from the atmosphere but unfortunately, acres of rainforests are logged and disappear every minute.

Under this circumstance, bamboo is the perfect sustainable material alternative.

“Bamboo Paper Sustainability”

Why is bamboo sustainable? Bamboo grows fast and can be more efficient at sequester carbon dioxide. It’s the perfect 

eco-friendly alternative material.

Bamboo paper can be recycled along with paper made from trees. It also has the following characteristics of such sustainable 


2 Reasons Tell You Why Bamboo is Good

After learning about why is bamboo sustainable, let’s learn about the advantages of Bamboo.

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