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Who we are?

JXD international co., ltd ,founded on May 9th, 2012, Chengdu city,Sichuan province,where is rich for bamboo resource.

JXD international main business in China which specializes in disposable biodegradable products industry,We supply Eco-friendly Biodegradable bamboo pulp and Sugarcane Bagasse pulp for Food Container: Box,Clamshell ,Plate , Tray ,Bowl ,Cup ,Food Paper Packaging.

JXD international second products is bamboo pulp and Sugarcane Bagasse pulp tableware, including dishware, bowl, square plate and various trays used in supermarkets. Currently we have 8 production lines with an annual output of 12 thousand ton of disposable paper tableware, and in 2018, our new workshop was go into production and triple its production capacity.The products we OEM for customers

JXD international third products is bamboo pulp and Sugarcane Bagasse pulp base paper,its made from bamboo pulp and bagasse pulp base,the base paper widely use for Paper packaging,such as paper cup,food packages,paper bag,paper box and so on.all disposable and biodegradable,we have both food grade and normal grade.

JXD international fourth products is anti-falsification paper,The surface is marked or hidden secret notes (patterns, patterns, watermark, numbers, etc.), not easy to copy, fake or change the special paper collectively.Anti-counterfeiting is a prevention against copying or copying for the purpose of deception or without the permission of the owner.

JXD international fifth business is export machine parts and whole machine,we have other office in charge of this business.

Why choose us?

Our products are natural plants material, namely sugarcane, bamboo, and pollution-free. Through scientific and technological processing, we have food-grade and normal grade for different usage .The environment-friendly bamboo pulp and bagasse pulp all 100% ,biodegradable ,Biodegrades in three months, no pollution and friendly to eco-system.

protect the environment against pollution is JXD eternal purpose and social responsibility,for our earth and our generation Make a small contribution.

TEL: 0086-135-1821 4691
E-MAIL: nkjacky@163.com
E-MAIL: jack@jxdint.com
ADD: No.85-109 Dayu E Rd, PIDU, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
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